10-CD Series

My love of music began in early childhood, and my mother and grandmother made sure I had plenty of music to listen to. I loved to listen to my grandma’s old records, and my mom supplied me with many records and cassettes of my own. In fact, when I was a toddler, I had my own tiny cassette player that I carried around with me. Before I learned how to operate cassette players myself, I made it very clear when one side of a cassette tape had come to an end—calling out “Turn it over!” when I was ready to listen to the other side, and my mother never failed to come to my assistance.

As a child, I listened to music for fun, but when I became an adult and my relationship with God began to grow, music developed a deeper significance for me. I discovered the experience of hearing songs that resonated with me so deeply that they moved me to tears. I remember the day when something had gone wrong, and someone posted a link to a song on Facebook. The words of the song really ministered to me, because the message in the song was exactly what I needed to hear at that time, and it kindled hope in my heart.

As someone who has always been extremely sensitive to music, I am keenly aware of the profound impact that music has on the mind. Music is one of God’s methods to impress important truths upon the heart. There are times when a song can reach someone in a way that a sermon cannot.

One of the things I feel called to do is to use songs to convey messages of God’s love and grace. The goal of Dawn of Hope Ministry is to inspire hope in the heart through song, and the CD series we are creating will strive to do just that. This series will be called Hope Revives.

Each album in this 10-CD series has a title that will expresses a specific theme, and the songs on each album are based on the theme of each album title. For example, the album entitled “Forgiven” will contain songs about God’s forgiveness, and the album entitled “Grace Revealed” contains songs about God’s grace. This last CD, “Grace Revealed”, is recorded and awaits further production (mixing, mastering, duplication, etc.). [Below are the details of the complete set with tentative song titles, 70% of which are already in our revolving repertoire.]

The process of creating albums and duplicating them onto CDs is very expensive (costs?), but if it is in God’s plan for us to record this CD series, He will provide the financial means to make it happen. Will you prayerfully consider donating to this project so that many more people can receive the hope and healing that God desires to give them through music? Your generous gift will be deeply appreciated.


--w/tentative songs, subject to additional songs and modification

--songs in italics are in current repertoire

CD 1. Grace Revealed

How Deep the Father's Love

Who Has Believed

Longer I Serve Him

Without His Cross

Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone

Were It Not for Grace

Embrace the Cross

He Looked Beyond My Fault


In Christ Alone

King of the Jews/The Love of God

CD 2. Through the Storm

The Anchor Holds

Carry Me

Winter To Spring

Jesus Will Still Be There

Song of Deliverance

Jesus, Lover of My Soul


In This Old Troubled World

Abide With Me

Day By Day

Until Then

How Long. O Lord

Under His Wings

Life Is Hard, God Is Good

CD 3. Water of Life

Showers of Blessing

As Water To the Thirsty

Fill My Cup, Lord

Wade In the Water

Drink From the River

CD 4. Forgiven

East To West

It Is Well With My Soul

Search Me. O God

Come, Let Us Reason

Mr. Simon

Softly and Tenderly

When God Ran

More Than the Watchmen

The Love of God

Lord, You Are So Good

You Set Me Free


CD 5. Going Forth

Let Us Run


Blessed Is the Man


Jesus, Friend of Sinners

I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go

Candles In the Night

I Love To Tell the Story

Here I Am, Lord

Safe Harbor

What Now

Go Without Knowing

This Day

Legacy of Love

Find Us Faithful

Something More

Go Light Your World

CD 6. Hope for the Wounded

Broken and Spilled Out

I Touched His Garment

In Heaven's Eyes

You Can Belong To Me

Give Your Heart A Home

Come Into My Life

Every Single Tear


Come To Me

Alabaster Box

Heal This Place

The Spirit of the Lord

CD 7. The Good Shepherd

Show Me Thy Glory

He Shall Feed His Flock

Then They Will Know

We'll Call Him Jesus

All the Way My Savior Leads Me

Tell Me the Story of Jesus

I Call You Friend

Psalm 23

Blessed Lord, How Much I Need Thee

I Need Thee Every Hour

Little Lamb

CD 8. The Great Refreshing

On My Knees

Psalm 1

For Zion's Sake

Arise, Shine

Breathe On Me

Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace

I Surrender All

My Peace

Touch Your People Once Again

Open My Eyes

CD 9. Trust Him

Sing Me A Lullaby

He Who Trusts

In His Presence

Not In Trying, But In Trusting

He Who Dwells


'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

Psalm 23

He'll Do It Again

Through It All

Trust His Heart

Unless It Is the Lord

CD 10. Blessing In Brokenness

Flower In the Rain

Blessings On the Mountain

Orphans of God

Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior

Holy One

No More Night

Separate from this series, we are also planning:

A. Tribute to Del Delker

The Love of God

The Night Watch

B. Duet CD with John Lomacang

Wonderful. Merciful Savior

There Is A Fountain

Touch Your People Once Again

We Being Many

C. Hymns CD

Abide With Me

D Day By Day

It Is Well With My Soul

D. Christmas (another)

E. Children's DVD

F. Southern Gospel

G. Black Gospel

Dann Thornton also has several Instrumental CDs in various stages of progress:

A. Original Solo Piano Compositions

B. Flugelhorn/Trumpet Hymns

C. Flugelhorn/Trumpet Sacred/Gospel

D. Flugelhorn/Trumpet Christmas

E. Sacred Brass (with James Thornton)

F. Love Songs for Caren - Vocal/Piano